Reshade not loading with Path of Exile

3 years 5 months ago - 3 years 5 months ago #1 by Punkcat
to give a quick overview what happend:
- Reshade worked fine till today
- Had a Nvidia driver update right after starting PC
- Reshade not working with PoE since then

It still works with Guild Wars 2 for example, so I dont think it's a general problem with Reshade, but with the constallation of PoE and Reshade together.

I'm using the present from here:
Tried to reinstall Reshade multiple times, even without the present, but it's not loading when I start the game, even after a fresh reinstall of either the game or Reshade itself.

Some help would be awesome :/ If you need any more information let me know and thanks in advance.
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