DPX and Ambient light sliders and settings gone

2 years 7 months ago #1 by windowseat73
Hi there,
I'm having trouble finding the version (in series 3) that has sliders for settings in Ambient Light and DPX. I had to reinstall Windows, and forgot what version I had before, but most of the ones I'm downloading from the repository don't have the sliders and settings anymore, so I can't make changes. For example, saturation and colorfulness are missing from DPX, and alint slider is missing from ambient light. Does anyone know what version in the 3 series has these things.

I've tried installing the latest shaders/textures, but when I open up various versions of reshade, the problem persists. I CAN NOT USE anything above 3.2 in P3D v4.4. Unless someone knows of a fix that will allow me to interact with the overlay- I cant move the mouse, and I can't move the cursor up or down within sections of reshade. So, some version in 3 works, but I can't find it. I also can't download old shaders/textures with some of the earlier versions either- so maybe the newer ones don't work properly in series 3?

Anyone who can help me get these settings and sliders back, or get series 4 working properly would be my personal hero for the week.



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2 years 7 months ago #2 by Duran.te
I had the same problem in some games since new versions of reshade have to be whitelisted, yet.
Unfortunately, with the 4.x update of the software, some effects had to change drastically, so they won't work on older reshade versions properly, as said by crosire:

Because of the compiler changes, a very small amount of effects may no longer compile in ReShade 4.0 (if they are using intrinsic functions in constant expressions). These need to be updated by their authors. But all effects in the standard repository do work.

Source: reshade.me/forum/releases/4772-4-0

So, if you can't manage to make the 4.x version work, you have to use older versions of the effects you want to use.
You may try to see if github stores older versions (maybe the "hystory" option can help):


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