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TOPIC: Missing depth buffer detection options in 4.1.1?

Missing depth buffer detection options in 4.1.1? 1 week 5 hours ago #1

Just came from 3.1.1 in the hopes of solving some issues I was having. The MXAO would always render several frames too late and visibly lag behind the objects on screen. I was more or less forced to upgrade to that version from 2.0.3(?) after it started giving me particularly nasty depth buffer issues. The entire shader would flicker on and off, then render upside down and inside out inside a 1024x512 frame in the top left of my game window, then flash on and off again. Basically made my game unplayable.

I was able to partially fix this with 3.4.0 by configuring the depth buffer detection so that the flickering issues were less severe and less frequent. This did cause a number of game shaders to malfunction, rendering all reflective surfaces on top of all other surfaces. Again, unplayable game but I managed to solve this second issue by mucking about with the depth buffer clearing number yet more.

Now, with 4.1.1, I'm missing these options and my game is yet again largely unplayable. I just wish it'd stop doing this crap. I don't know what caused it, I used 2.0.3 for two years before it ever caused me any issues. If I find out my GPU drivers are behind this I will murder them in their sleep with an axe, but I don't know if that's the case.

What can I do to modify the depth buffer detection in this latest version so that Reshade will stop fucking with my game? I just want it to render within a 2560x1440 window, with all MXAO and DOF rendered in real-time, with no nasty flickering or weird depth buffer issues that shouldn't even be technically possible.
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Missing depth buffer detection options in 4.1.1? 1 week 3 hours ago #2

Uhm, so I downgraded back to 3.4.0 and the depth buffer detection is still gone. The shaders also look exactly like they did under 4.1.1. Which means my game is still fucked, and I still can't play it properly? How can I tell this piece of shit program to do what it's been doing for the last 6 months?
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