Problems with installing

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Problems with installing was created by RonSmithJr
Hello, Everytime I try to install version 4.2.1 it starts copying files but it deletes most of the file. Does any person have the complete full version of 4.2.1 in .zip format instead of the .exe installer? The games I play are Euro Truck 2 sim, and American Sim. I know about this JBX Settings v1.9.15 - Reshade and SweetFX and its awesome, but i want to use the full complete new version 4.2.1 until JBX Settings releases his update. Does anybody know why im having the install problem i told you about? If so please tell me how to fix it. and also how to extract all files from inside of a .exe and i want to add ad add all of those extracted files in a .zip format.
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