ReShade crashes X-Plane 11.32

  • Abdullah Radwan
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4 years 6 months ago #1 by Abdullah Radwan ReShade crashes X-Plane 11.32 was created by Abdullah Radwan
I am using the newest X-Plane release, 11.32. Whenever I try to use ReShade, X-Plane 11 won't start. It flashes a black screen then it crashes.

I've tried multiple version of ReShade, still no luck. I am using the normal version, not the Steam version (No overlays).

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  • Sokol_Paxa
4 years 6 months ago #2 by Sokol_Paxa Replied by Sokol_Paxa on topic ReShade crashes X-Plane 11.32
I have exactly the same situation and I'm looking for help.

Most of my games I can't just run with Reshade.
But they will work fine when I rename the file dxgi.dll or opengl32.dll in d3d11.dll.

Although some work without renaming.

But here X-Plane 11 does not work in any way.

I tried different versions of Reshade (3.0.4; 3.0.8; 3.4.1 ; 4.0.2; 4.2.1) and different options installations (OpenGL, DX).

In X-Plane 11 if I rename the file, the program simply does not see it and runs as usual, without Reshade. And if you run with opengl32.dll then it flickers and does not start.

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