Reshade tutorial not responding

3 years 3 months ago #1 by deirpo Reshade tutorial not responding was created by deirpo
I am using Reshade with P3D4.5. Upon starting P3D for the first time, the Prepar3D Scenario window appears with the banner which says:

ReShade by crosier
Visit for news, updates, shaders and discussion.
Loading (2 effects remaining) ... This might take a while. The application could become unresponsive for some time.

Also, in the change vehicle window:

Visit for news, updates, shaders and discussion.
ReShade is now installed successfully! Press ‘Home’ to start the tutorial.

After waiting for some time, I pressed the Home button with no response. I then selected an aircraft and both banner messages became the same as the above( successful) message. Again I pressed Home button with no response. I then tried selecting an airport and P3D CDT. So, I reopened P3D but this time I selected default aircraft and airport and the sim loaded. Now, a banner extends across the top of the screen with the above message, covering the menus. When I press Home a window opens on left 1/3 of the screen. A welcome to the tutorial message appears but, clicking on continue has no effect. Nor does mouse selecting any menu item or resizing the window. Ctl+ Tab steps through the menu items but, nothing is selectable.
Pressing Home again closes the tutorial window but, the banner remains across the top of the screen.

How can I remove this banner?
Why doesn’t this program work correctly?

Thanks for any help or answers in this regard,

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