Rust Crashing on startup.

2 years 7 months ago #1 by fragwrx
Rust Crashing on startup. was created by fragwrx
Hi! I'm new here so take it easy on me but I've recently installed Re-Shade to use with Rust and so far its been swell besides the consistent crashing everytime I open up the game... I'll have to uninstall / reinstall like 5 different times while launching the game in between hoping for it to actually have a successful launch lol.
Its getting way out of hand now... If anyone has any recommendations I'd greatly appreciate it.

Things I've tried already: Changing the dll file to d3d11, running client as admin, launch properties under steam for rust as "-high", Changing compatibility mode under "rust client" to run compatibility for windows 8 & check marked run as administrator, disabling full screen optimization.

None of these have worked and now I'm completely stuck, someone please help. :(

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