Dark Souls 3 menu crash if reshade is installed

2 years 11 months ago - 2 years 11 months ago #1 by Themurloc
My game crashes at various different points of game startup. sometimes it is instantaneous as soon as the game launches, sometimes it only crashes when I got to load a character, but every time it crashes before I can get to the game. I've tried the typical fix that people with this problem usually have (rename dxgi.dll to d3d11.dll) but to no avail.

here's the log
Warning: Spoiler!

Alternatively, sometimes the log spits out
Warning: Spoiler!

at the end, instead of
Warning: Spoiler!

Update: After some troubleshooting, I've been able to identify this as 2 different problems:
The instantaneous on launch crash also seems to happen sometimes when reshade is NOT installed. The game can still sometimes launch after multiple attempts and play just fine.
The delayed crash at save file select screen is still definitely caused by reshade, and never happens when reshade is not installed.

I'm open to the possibility that both crashes are caused by the same root issue, but only one seems to be directly caused by reshade.

Update2: It seems that reshade no longer causes a crash when IGP11 (texture mods program) is enabled. This issue might be something I'll have to take up with the guy who made that instead.

The latest version if IGP11 does not work alongside reshade and causes the crash. If anyone else has the same issue, be sure to use version 1.2.1 of IGP11 instead of the latest version. The effects options added in the 2.0+ versions conflict with reshade and cause the game to crash.
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