Dark Souls 2: SOTFS - Sweetfx not loading

3 years 1 month ago #1 by SpaceJoker Dark Souls 2: SOTFS - Sweetfx not loading was created by SpaceJoker
I wanted to use this preset but the custom download is unavaiable: sfx.thelazy.net/games/preset/3354/

So I downloaded the .txt preset file planning to manually install it through the configurator. Problem is, the configurator doesn't seem to be working. I can add the game to the list, I can add a sweetfx and import the settings from the txt file, I can see all the files in the game directory, but when I open the game nothing happens. I tried to manually change some lines in the files, I thought that maybe the game was loading the default Sweetfx settings instead of the ones I wanted, but nothing, it's as if the game doesn't load at all Sweetfx.

So I tried to install Reshade 4.0 and I put the contents of the .txt files into a .ini preset which I was hoping to load in the in-game configurator, but seemingly nothing was loaded. My biggest concern is that in the Reshade.ini file there's something called "Preset files" which I thought was the folder where it'd look for presets, but in the in-game menu it just looks like the path is meant to be for the preset itself.

Another time I tried with another version of Reshade which was loading properly in the game, but when I put the Sweetfx file as the preset to load I got a couple of errors concerning the DPX.h file.

Can someone please help me how to use that preset?

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3 years 1 month ago #2 by brazzjazz Replied by brazzjazz on topic Dark Souls 2: SOTFS - Sweetfx not loading
Well it looks like this was supposed to be installed with a custom file that was hosted on Mega, a file without which the preset may not work. I would start using ReShade without the need of additional files, only presets. Try one of the other effects, we can help you achieve the look of the original effect you were referring to.

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