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TOPIC: Reshade CTD on ppsspp OPENGL

Reshade CTD on ppsspp OPENGL 2 weeks 18 hours ago #1

Hello, I'm trying to run ppsspp with both the 4.3.0 release and Boulotaur2024's modified opengl32.dll. Both crashes on startup, using the opengl renderer on ppsspp and both versions of opengl32.dll

Tried running in W7 compatibility mode (I'm using W10, openGL version 4.6), to no avail. Interestingly, using the opengl32.dll with the ppsspp directx9 mode injects the reshade correctly, but I wanted to use the depth buffer provided by Boulotaur2024.

Can anyone take a look at what might be the problem? My OPENGL32.LOG, nothing standing out in particular :

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