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11 months 1 week ago - 11 months 1 week ago #1 by 13IeqI
After installing shaders on csgo, I lanched game, made movie, and deleted them. After that I luanched game for play matchmaking. I had got problem: there isnt dxgi.dll in your system. I downloaded dll and put it in syswow64 (I have got win 7 64). I reebot pc and launched game. It crashed. I read problem description. error in module nvd3dum.dll. I downloaded it, reboot pc and launched csgo. Game crashed with same problem. How to fix it?

P.S. sorry for mine English im from Russia

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10 months 4 weeks ago #2 by brazzjazz
As to the nv*.dll, it could be a DLL from your graphics driver, so I'd recommend reinstalling the graphics driver.

It almost sounds as if you have put DLLs in a system folder when installing ReShade..? The ReShade files only go where the game's EXE file is. Downloading single system DLLs to fix problems with your system can also be dangerous (viruses). Just install ReShade into the game directory, and when you don't want ReShade to load, just rename the dxgi.dll. But don't ever touch your Windows system folders just for using ReShade!

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