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Right, so... I hope I am posting this in the right place. I am looking to just update a preset I downloaded ages ago from the Skyrim Nexus (Skyrim LE). So my thought is to just extract the dll and other executables but not touch the .ini or .fx or other settings files so I don't screw up the preset. I download the file and it's an exe, like, wth. So I open that with WinRar and I am presented with two DLL files. Again, wth?! How do I update the d3d and dxgi and other dll files with out extracting the entire mess over the preexisting settings files?

Update: Ok, got them extracted and I am even more puzzled. Reshade is suppose to incorporate SweetFX or so I've been reading. Sweetfx uses d3d9.dll and dxgi.dll . I am using a combo ENB / SweetFX on Skyrim LE that has broken, comes down to the dxgi.dll being the problem. I remove it, error goes away, Sweetfx doesn't load, replace it with the dxgi.dll from /System32 and error goes away, but it doesn't seem SweetFX is loading. I extract dxgi.dll and d3d9.dll from the last SweetFX package I can find (1.5) and error persists. This only started happening after I upgraded my nVidia 970 to a 1070 Ti and updated the video drivers. So at a guess this'll come down to "How do I convert a SweetFX shader preset to Reshade?" so I can remove the dxgi.dll , rename the Reshade d3d9.dll to what ENB is configured for in it's Proxy settings, and run Reshade instead but without, hopefully, screwing up my current settings. >.<
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