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2 years 6 months ago #1 by Ditalion
Spellforce (Original Trilogy) was created by Ditalion
Hi everyone,

I've got a problem with launching Spellforce with Reshade.

There is an existing topic with the same problem (link down below):
ReShade Forum

Crosire made patch DLL that needs to be injected into the Spellforce process at startup.
However, this method doesn't work for me at all. According to comments for many other people too. I've tried different Reshade revisions (1,2,3,4); Reshade with SweetFx, Boulotaur2024 Injector and etc.w/ patch DLL.
There is only one outcome - spellforce.exe freeze during startup.

Did anyone get it sorted?

I'm tried to get it running for a long time (around a year) as original Spellforce is my favourite game. But I just can't make it work. That's why I finally decided to to write here. Reshade works great even on DX8 games (like Star Wars: Republic Commando). I hope there is a way to run in with Spellforce.

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2 years 4 months ago #2 by vern.zimm
I'm using ReShade 4.5.4 on Steam version of Spellforce (1) Platinum Edition. It works... sometimes? On occasion it will load with the game from startup. Most times it won't, but I can get it to load on graphic settings reload in game, and then it works flawlessly.

I believe it was (partially) related to nVidia DSR, upscale(downscale?) resolution. Reloading graphics when loaded in a level would default to max (DSR) resolution when returning to main menu instead of 1920x1080. Resolution dropdown is disabled when loaded in a level, only available from main menu, so the max DSR would be selected and can't change it. Sometimes (can't pin down when...), it would reload into 1920x1080 at main menu even though it had the DSR resolution selected, and then ReShade would load. I disabled the DSR resolutions, and it loaded 1st time after reload (still not from startup).

To be more clear, disable DSR, open game, go into a level/campaign, whatever. Go to options menu, select/change any of the available graphics settings, and click OK(checkmark) box. You don't have to actual change a setting, just click it and then select the same thing it was already set to, it will still do reload. ReShade will load at main menu and stay loaded until you exit the game completely. I saw other posts Crosire said it was loading wrapper, then unloading, and pulling system .dll directly. Maybe this is some bug in the game, or attempt to limit some exploit, but it doesn't seem to happen the same way on reload. Also, for reference, I am using Steam overlay with this but doesn't seem to cause any trouble.

Example (failed load) log here... it adds nothing more until the exiting info.
Warning: Spoiler!

Successful load continues from last line of failed load with
Warning: Spoiler!

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2 years 4 months ago #3 by vern.zimm
Let's see if I can not get myself banned again for shady(?) image hosting links...

Google Image Share Link

Ye Olde GoTo:
SMAA - had to use predicated thresholding because changing viewpoint zoom varied depth buffer distance too much

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