GTA 3 + Reshade - always starting in 16 bit color

7 years 5 months ago - 7 years 5 months ago #1 by v00d00m4n GTA 3 + Reshade - always starting in 16 bit color was created by v00d00m4n
and crashing on change or resolution because its very sensitive with wrapper or enumeration and change of resolution not fully implemented in d3d8 mode.

Using asi of latest versions:
//last two was taken from 2dfx 2.5

tried without them - same results.

tried directly as d3d8 and with chain of enb converter for gta 3 and reshade as d3d9 - same results, however when i use just enb d3d8 it starts in 32 bit mode and i can even change mode without crash.

I wonder if there any option in reshade to force refresh rate, color depth, width, heigh, mulisampling, windowed mode, buffer format (would be really nice to force game output in 16 bit per channel color mode, color banding killing my eyes like 15 years, the only 2 games that used 16 bit per color channel was RE 5 and Alien Isolation and they made me realist that its possible and games should be all in this 48 or 64 bit colors with smooth gradients since the days vista and dx10 came out).

So can we have some fix for GTA 3 and probably other games that may try to use 16 bit color mode instead of 32?
Maybe ignore all 16 bit calls and force 32 or 48-64 bit (with option to select one via define) ??? Or maybe prioritize higher bit depth over lower?
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7 years 4 months ago #2 by crosire Replied by crosire on topic GTA 3 + Reshade - always starting in 16 bit color
There is no 64bit color format. ReShade prioritizes 32bit formats over 16bit formats , so I don't know why the game is so interested in choosing a 16bit format. The ENB wrapper doesn't enumerate 16bit formats at all I think, but that's the wrong approach.

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