Reshade is not working with EPSXE

2 years 9 months ago #1 by spikespiegel
Reshade is not working with EPSXE was created by spikespiegel
I tried using reshade on epsxe 2.0.5 (which I believe it's the latest version), but I'm not being able to put it to work.
And I know it's possible because of this video "[1080p WIDESCREEN] Megaman Legends 2 with Reshade 3.1 Comparison

Funny thing is that I'm trying to use it with Megaman legends 2.

I tried the latest version of reshade, I even tried the 3.1 version mentioned in the video.
I was able to make it work with a Sonic Generations Mod which is the Sonic Unleashed Mod, so I don't believe that I'm not following the right procedures.

One error that I noticed while trying this was "ChoosePixelFormat failed".

I already tried using all Direct X and Opengl plugins, as well as all Reshade options.

That dude from the video was able to put it work, so it is possible...

Can anybody help?

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