Framedrops in Wolfenstein: Old Blood

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Framedrops in Wolfenstein: Old Blood was created by Darknes1988
I have huge Framedrops in TOB from 60 to 30 drops and i dont know, what causing this issue. It doesn't matter which preset i choose, the Framerate always tanks in the 30's

The weird thing is, ReShade works perfectly fine without any issue in The New Order and some other Games i've tested so far (Stalker: SOC and Euro Truck Simulator 2). Its just TOB that runs, for some strange reason, like crap with activated Reshade

Here is a Screenshot
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My Rig

AMD 5700 XT
Ryzen 3600
16 GB Ram
B450 Tomahawk Max

What i did so far with no positve results:

- deactivated any possible overlay that could interfere with ReShade in any way (Steam, Fraps, Radeon Driver)
- Radeon Driver Settings resetted, so no AA is forced through it
- Drivers are up to date
- Net Framework is the most recent Version
- uninstalled and installed ReShade fresh
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