Reshade + Dragon Age Inquisition

2 years 8 months ago #1 by rjKreia
Reshade + Dragon Age Inquisition was created by rjKreia
Hey all. I use reshade on all my games but I cannot get it work for DAI. I've downloaded the most recent version of reshade, where it searches for your games exe, and it doesn't even find the DAI exe. I've tried installing the DX9, DX10/11/12 and OpenGL versions of reshade (and making sure to uninstall each version before installing another) but the menu in the top left, where you press HOME for a drop menu, just won't show up. The DAI exe that I'm using is the one that's in the main directory, so I don't know what's going wrong. I've tried disabling Origin overlay, I've switched to window mode and I've changed the dxgi.dll to something like dx11.dll (it's not that exactly but something along those lines). I've now deleted reshade completely from my DAI folder in hopes someone can help me get this working.

Thanks in advance!

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