Reshade [4.5.3] does not load with SW:TOR. Help!

2 years 3 months ago #1 by Mandalanakan
Hello There.

So, I've been trying to get ReShade to work with Star Wars: The Old Republic (D3D9) for quite some time now, having used many different versions of ReShade. I've tried using ASI Loader and also WineD3D to no avail. The only thing that made a difference was WineD3D. Usually, when trying to launch the game with ReShade, I'd click play and nothing would happen. Although, with WineD3D, the game would launch (With no notification of ReShade loading) and the loading screen would stay for about five seconds before freezing and needing to be closed via Task Manager giving me this in the game's logs:

2020-01-20T10:07:14.631106 1028ADD0 INFO Login user: Mandalanakan shardaddress: @:: [Client.Startup](playerclient.cpp:PlayerClient::Login:1954)

2020-01-20T10:07:20.636332 1028ADD0 INFO Renderer using 24-Bit Depth Buffer. [Client.Renderer](dx8cs_services.cpp:`anonymous-namespace'::RendererLogMessageHandler:571)

2020-01-20T10:07:33.028646 1028ADD0 ERROR Invalid response received from platform for getShardList request. Status code: 400 [Platform.dozerLib.dozer.ClientServices](clientservices.cpp:bwa::platform::ClientServices::receivedShardList:191)

2020-01-20T10:07:33.028646 1028ADD0 WARNING HandlePlatformFailure with error type 4001 : PLATFORM_ERROR_EMPTY_SHARD_LIST [Connect.firestorm.client.OmegaClientApp](omegaclientapp.cpp:OmegaClientApp::HandlePlatformFailure:505)

2020-01-20T10:07:33.686885 1028ADD0 INFO [Client] Active area load complete [Client.AreaManager](bwaareamanager.cpp:bwa::AreaManager::_onActiveAreaLoadComplete:932)

For reference, I am using an AMD card and I am on Windows 10.
Any ides, guys? :S

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2 years 3 months ago #2 by Achim93
Try renaming the dll to d3d10.dll OR dxgi.dll.
One of those should work.
Also make sure that the launcher.exe and the swtor.exe don't have "run as admin" enabled.

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