Half-Life messed up

8 months 4 days ago #1 by FrostyBanana
Half-Life messed up was created by FrostyBanana
So I tried installing ReShade on Half-Life (Steam) and it kinda works.

It's basically running twice, one copy over the other.

I'm putting some logs and more sample images for now. I'll look into it more on later.
More samples + logs

Funny thing is the game is OpenGL but still loads dxgi.dll for some reason. Also ReShade gets confused because of this (check the extra samples to see what I mean)

PS: On one of the logs you'll see error about missing texture "DirtA.png". It doesn't change anything.

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8 months 4 days ago #2 by crosire
Replied by crosire on topic Half-Life messed up
Don't install multiple copies of ReShade. Also, for Source Engine games you generally have to put the ReShade DLL into the "bin" folder for things to work.

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8 months 3 days ago #3 by FrostyBanana
Replied by FrostyBanana on topic Half-Life messed up
Hi! I'm running single copy and I'm talking about '98 GoldSrc Half-Life, not the Source engine one. It has some problems with ReShades GUI and applying effects. After alt-tab or accessing the config menu more than one time it freaks out. It also detects both DX11 and OpenGL at the same time. Not sure whats going on there...
I suspect that the way GoldSrc handles the mouse might be the cause. Sometimes the GUI works fine, others it breaks and the only way to fix it is restarting the game and hoping it will start as it should be.

Oh yeah and the GUI issue might be causing ReShade to apply its effects twice. It reloads the shaders several times when accessing the config menu. Yes it is applying the effects multiple times since the picture gets darker and darker after each opening of the GUI and the frame rate goes down as well.

Windowed mode or older versions don't fix it. A workaround I found is not opening the GUI frequently if at all and configuring manually the config files and reloading the game (shader reload won't do the trick). If presets are used this shouldn't be much of a problem. Otherwise the configuring must be done all at once else it will be frustrating.

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