Game hangs on startup when using ReShade

2 years 7 months ago #1 by mreid
BF2 hangs on startup when using ReShade. I just switched to a new PC build running Windows 10 Pro x64 w/GTX 1660S from a Win 7 Pro x64 w/GTX 970 where ReShade was working fine. All Win10 updates have been applied, latest NVIDIA drivers and have confirmed .NET 4.8 is installed. If I start BF2 from its shortcut without ReShade, it works fine. Starting it with ReShade just shows a black screen forever. I have to use taskmanager to kill it. No AV is running, UAC is turned off, no overlay programs like Afterburner/Riva/Steam are running. I have tried compatibility mode of Windows XP and 7, with Run As Administrator set on the BF2 exe and I'm using an administrator account. API choosen at install was DX9. Have installed the June 2010 DirectX package. The ReShade version working on my Win7 box is 3.0.5. It doesn't work on the Win10 box. I tried ReShade 4.4 and 4.5. They all exhibit the same problem -- black screen on startup...forever. Weird thing is that SweetFx 1.5 works. Is there some security setting I need to set in Windows 10? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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