Guild Wars 2 Reshade installation help

2 years 3 months ago #1 by odunn
Ok so all of the videos I watch have me download the d912pxy addon that makes GW2 use direct x 12 supposidly.... They say to select direct x 10/11/12 option when installing reshade 4.3.5. Everything installs just fine but when I run the game reshade is not there to open, no script up top to hit HOME and configure it. Now when I select DX9 I am able to run reshade and set it up. Am I supposed to select dx9, install that then come back and chose dx 10/11/12? I thouhgt the entire purpose of this was to be able to run the game using DX12. I have a dell g7 laptop, its not super but its very capabale, up to date etc.

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