World of Warcraft randomly shuts off

2 years 4 months ago #1 by buidiena3
World of Warcraft randomly shuts off was created by buidiena3
I installed ReShade in WoW this morning and at first everything was working fine. Im just using FakeHDR, Colorfulness, AmbientLight and UIDetect. But the game started to randomly shut off, without any crash message or further explanation. I've noticed that this happens 95% of the times only during combat, but also happened outside of it but only a couple of times. I tried disabiling and activating the .fx one by one to see if anyone of them was the problem but all of them resulted in the game randomly closing. It has never happened in the game character selection screen, only once you've entered the world.
PD: Im getting almost-instant crashes as soon as enter in the Lion's Pride Inn.
I've cheked if any of my addons is causing this as a conflict with ReShade but it seems it's not the case.

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