Compatibility with RuneLite! Can we make this happen?

2 years 3 months ago #1 by NitexKnight
RuneLite is a third party client for osrs that uses openGL but for some reason doesn't detect ReShade at all. OSBuddy, another client also using openGL works fine. RuneLite claims that this must be a problem on ReShade's end and not theirs.

One example of this is the following preset:

A user attempting to use it in RuneLite:

RuneLite's response to the incompatibility issue:

So my questions:
Why doesn't ReShade work with Runelite? And how can we get it to work? Let's make this happen!

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2 years 3 months ago - 2 years 3 months ago #2 by crosire
1) RuneLite is a Java app, and because of this DLLs are loaded using absolut paths. This means it loads both d3d9.dll and opengl32.dll directly from system32 and bypasses any sideloading wrappers like ReShade. There is absolutly nothing ReShade can do about it. So the only way to make ReShade load is to inject it with a third-party injector.
2) RuneLite uses Java.AWT for its UI and rendering. AWT renders with D3D9. So while it may render the game with OpenGL, it displays it with D3D9, which means to ReShade it is D3D9.
3) ReShade expects an application to behave like a game to work. This means the app has to redraw the screen every frame. But AWT being an UI framework, it sometimes decides to not redraw the screen for a frame or two. This causes ReShade to render over itself and looks like flickering.

There are no bugs in ReShade here. The app simply has some fundamental issues that make it incompatible.
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