[SOLVED] Hard shut-down randomly

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Hard shut-down randomly was created by Jomaha
Been using Reshade for about a year with Skyrim Special Edition but since December experiencing hard shutdowns. Eventually I found out it is Reshade. I did the usual in this order.

Fresh download of SSE
Reinstalled backup SSE, fully
Closed background programs
Disabled Steam Overlay
Updated BIOS
Downgraded BIOS
Tested Nvidia drivers from 430 to 445 (over a year apart)
Tested Reshade versions 4.1.0 to 4.5.4 (over a year apart)
Disconnected second monitor
Default BIOS setting
Overclocked PC
Used Blue Screen View
Used What Is Hang
Looked at Event Viewer: Event 56 followed by event 41 four seconds later
Uninstalled Reshade... No more random hard shutdowns

This event seems to happen around when there is interactions with peripherals with in-game Reshade ini open. Leaving it running for and over seven minutes with no user interactions doesn't trigger this shutdown. Until opening Reshade ini in-game and moving some sliders after seven minutes. With running only five to seven shaders at any given time out of sixteen I use, shuts down regardless of what shader is adjusted.

Can send dxdiag.txt

EDIT: 03/04/2020

Backed up some settings and games
Wiped Windows 10 pro
Installed Win10 pro
Installed only relevant applications
Ran Skryim SE
Hard shutdown
Started playing Avorion
No problems
Started playing Doom Eternal
Hard shutdown

This lead me to think this is a hardware problem, could explain the time this problem starting few months back near the time I upgraded to vertically mount my GPU with a $90 Thermaltake riser cable.

Cable removed

EDIT: 05/04/2020

Safe to say that cable is the issue.

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