PC reboots when using ReShade in Sims 4

2 years 3 weeks ago #1 by Sammiches822
PC reboots when using ReShade in Sims 4 was created by Sammiches822
I'm kind of at my wit's end here. Ever since I upgraded my graphics card (RTX 2060 Super), I've been dealing with an issue where my PC will reboot while I'm playing Sims 4. Sometimes, it won't happen for hours, and other times it'll happen within minutes of launching the game. I've never had a game force my entire computer to restart; usually it just crashes to my desktop.

I've tried everything from reinstalling my drivers, repairing the game, putting another RAM stick in my rig, reseating my GPU, running a Furmark test... I use ReShade for screenshots and story purposes, so this issue has really thrown a wrench in how I play the game.

I've managed to conclude that it is, in fact, ReShade causing the issue, because it still occurred when I moved all of my mods to my desktop, and stopped when I uninstalled ReShade. I briefly suspected my PSU might be shot, but I haven't encountered this issue with any other games (even ones that are much more demanding than TS4, such as RD2).

Any guidance would be appreciated, because I don't really know what else to do. Again, I did not have this problem before updating my graphics card.

I can supply any information needed about my setup! Thanks in advance!

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