Resident Evil 3 Fps Drop after uninstalling Reshade

2 years 4 months ago #1 by Mrcompleto
So i´ve used Reshade for a bit then uninstalled it, but the game doesn´t work as it should now, i´ve deleteted every .ini or .dll file in the game folder and the download folder, the game runs fine for a couple of second then it goes from around 50/60 fps to around 40 fps but it feels like 20 at best with stuttering, Alt+Tab out of the game seems to work for a couple of seconds then drops, the gpu seems to go from 100% to 70% - 80%, normal temperatures around 70°,tried using Dx11 and Dx12 doesn´t make a diference.

It´s the only game that i have this problem Just today i repaste the Gpu and Cpu and clean the fan, still doesn´t work, Set max performance and everything.
Re2 and Resistance seems to work just fine just as every game, except for Re3

I used DDU to "remove" the drivers and intalled the latest Amd drivers and as i said Re 3 is the only one with this problem and before i´ve intalled the Reshade the game worked fine, even completed it once.

Ryzen 5 2500u
Vega 8
12 gb of ram
Windows 10 latest update
Amd latest drivers

If anyonye can help, it would be nice.

Thanks in advance

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2 years 4 months ago #2 by brazzjazz
Hmm, I'm not even sure this is related to ReShade. Did you experience the fps drops only AFTER deinstalling ReShade? That seems very unlikely. I would install MSI Afterburner and look at CPU, GPU load as well as temperature limits, as well as RAM usage, see whether there is any limit there. Apart from that I would also try lowering the graphic settings and going step by step upwards. Or do a clean reinstall of the game - make sure to delete the game folder so as to be sure that nothing oif ReShade remains, but also make sure to backup any save files you may have (see the PCGamingWiki entry of a game to locate the savegame folder).

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