X-Plane 11 Depth Buffer is being disabled/locked in single player mode?

1 year 11 months ago - 1 year 11 months ago #1 by RoryClark
The Depth Buffer is disabled in singleplayer X-plane 11 because the program and some plugins for it use the internet. You can't cheat in a flight simulator, its meant to be tweaked and manipulated heavily. Is there a way we can re-enable it? As time goes on more and more simulator type games will rely on the internet even when in single player speedtest.vet/ vidmate.bid/ wordtopdf.ltd/ mode to access real life data. For example, weather, atmospheric conditions, large textures/models from 3d satellite data, etc...

*Edit: What I'm getting at is, simulators such as X-Plane 11 and Flight Simulator 2020 already are and are in the process of inherently relying on the internet to function. So reshade depth buffer wont work for a game where cheating is not possible and a huge portion of the demographic who uses the software, use some form of visual modification.
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