Reshade on ESO

2 years 1 week ago #1 by Kafros
Reshade on ESO was created by Kafros
Hello all, my first post and my first time using Reshade. So I installed Reshade and then downloaded some presets for elder scrolls online (daybreak, plushenka, neat perfection). I followed each of the presets install instaction in terms of patching etc.when I start the game there are a bunch of errors about plug-ins (ending in .fx)not being able to loaf correctly. Neat perfection show a lot of messed up colors and while the others seem to load correctly I'm afraid That not all effects are enabled.i run Reshade again and choose the update option (in case the presets needed to update from Reshade or something) and ended up with more errors and the same visual mess up. I don't know of when installing Reshade I have to leave default options or I should check all boxes to download all of them (I guess these are "presets" for Reshade by other users?). So ima unistall everything and wanted a little help on how to install, let's day Reshade and then neat perfection mod+preset. Also if someone can give a detailed step by step installation guide I'd appreciate it. If I want to have multiple mod presets for Reshade, can I do it and change them from the overlay? Or having like neat perfection + plushenka messes up and overites files that are needed? Thanks in advance.

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