[SOLVED] Dota 2 - No Effects Found

7 years 4 months ago #1 by VaniK
Dota 2 - No Effects Found was created by VaniK

I've been making all sorts of shaders with SweetFX 1.5.1 throughout this year, and I recently found this gem. However, I cannot get it to work. So my issue is that the program doesn't read any effects. I haven't found anything regarding this issue in Dota 2 so I might as well post a topic here.

When I orginally installed this, the setup_guide didn't work. Given that I already am familiar with SweetFX, a manual installation worked fine. When I start the game I get the welcome message that tells me I'm not running any effects. No problem, it probably has no effects on by default. So I start with changing the old stuff from 1.5.1 and try to see if it works. Well, it doesn't.

I tried updating and toggling the effects with the Srcoll_Lock and Break buttons but it didn't change anything. My first thought was that 2.0 uses different keys so I went over into the Global_Settings file and changed the toggle key to 145 (which is Scroll Lock). I also disabled the welcome message as it stayed in the game permanently (I suppose because I have no effects).

Yet again, nothing happened, even the welcome message was there which makes me think that the program doesn't read anything within the SweetFX folder. I'd appreciate some help, I'll give you a quick overview on where the files are at, it might help.

So the dota 2 beta folder containts the following:
_CommonRedist (folder)
bin (Folder | this folder contains the d3d9.dll, I had to place it in here for ReShade to strart up at all)
dota (Folder)
platform (Folder)
SweetFX (Folder that contains, Docs .. etc.)
dota(This is the executable file)
ReShade32.dll (I tried both 64 and 32, nothing helped)

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7 years 4 months ago #2 by VaniK
Replied by VaniK on topic Dota 2 - No Effects Found
Nevermind, the difference between 1.5.1 and 2.0 is simply that you have to place everything within the dota 2 beta\bin folder, it no longer works if you only place d3d9.dll into that. Mark this as solved.

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