Menu suddenly unresponsive

9 months 22 hours ago #1 by Kilson
Menu suddenly unresponsive was created by Kilson
Hello all,

I have Reshade installed successfully in a good few games over Steam, Origin, Epic & blizz. However now for some reason the menu has become unresponsive, cant open with keyboard presses. This is happening with all games with Reshade currently installed and on any games I try a fresh install with. The Reshade is working as it applies all the effects that were set before the menu stopped working I just cant open the menu to alter or start the setup menu for new installs.

Things I have tried to resolve are as follows:

- Changed the key to activate the menu
- Turned off all overlays including the Radeon overlay
- Re-installed graphics card driver (Factory reset option)
- Tried on DX9, DX10, DX11, DX12 and Vulcan games
- Changed games to windowed mode, full screen and alt tabbing
- Disabled virus protection
- Re-installed games
- Tried different versions of Reshade
- Changed keyboards

Anyone else have the same issue or has found a solution?
Or does anyone know how Reshade detects keyboard presses and I can maybe find a work-around that way?

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9 months 17 hours ago #2 by crosire
Replied by crosire on topic Menu suddenly unresponsive
If you have Citrix Workspace active, shut that down. It blocks ReShade's input hooks.

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8 months 4 weeks ago #3 by Kilson
Replied by Kilson on topic Menu suddenly unresponsive
Unbelievable, that worked! After all the googling not once did I see a suggestion that the Citrix Workspace could cause a problem. Thanks so much you have solved a problem that's had me scratching my head for ages.

If anyone else come across this with the same problem, I had to completely uninstall Citrix to work, having it disabled in startup did not appear to be enough, at least for my setup anyway.

Thanks again crosire!

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