White overlay, cant get rid of - Lego LotR

1 year 8 months ago #1 by McTaco
Hello all, first time poster

I have gotten reshade to work with many games. I have never encountered this before:

Proof of Depth Buffer access

Its a little dark on the right side, but I think that is from the white overlay
I can only gain access to the depth buffer by checking:
"copy depth buffer before clear operation"

There seems to be a white overlay on the bottom half of the screen, as seen here too

Now I am able to apply shaders as seen here

And this does allow me to kinda see through the cloud, however the white overlay is washing out all color.

Once you get to the shire, the white overlay is incredibly clear (screenshot of that to come later) and you can barely see the characters or depth shadows through it.

When I use "copy depth buffer before clear operation" to gain access to the Depth Buffer it comes with this white overlay that I can't get around. Has anyone encountered something like this before?

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