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3 years 5 days ago - 3 years 5 days ago #1 by zzjay Reshade Ignores Admin Priviledges was created by zzjay
Hello i'm setting up a custom reshade preset for the witcher 3. Win 10.

I have an ADMIN account called user, and i have writing priviledge on all FOLDERS and subfolders leadint to the EXE folder.
I'm running both STEAM and Witchcer 3 EXE as administrator,and yet the pos stil tells me i don't have the required permission to simply SAVE my reshade preset. I had to take a picture of the values to manually write my INI,a nd even that did NOT work.

Game still loaded an EMPTY ini with no settings in it,


Warning: Spoiler!

Isnt there a version of RESHADE that overrides the issue of permissions? like ENB does?

Fun fact:

The reshade saves the Reshade.ini if i for example create a new preset, but then doesn't save the NEW preset.ini

Yes i already tried moving the preset.ini outside of my game directory folder and it worked...but it won't let me edit values anymore.
the subpanel is empty,and idk why.

I'd rather have it in the ingame folder tbh...
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