Driver settings ignored? (SSAA)

11 months 4 weeks ago - 11 months 4 weeks ago #1 by Liandri
Driver settings ignored? (SSAA) was created by Liandri
AMD here.

For some games I'd like to enabled SSAA in driver settings (well not exactly, see below). From what I see, if it works and I try to add ReShade into the game, it stops working. I'm not sure this is expected behavior.

I'm using RadeonPro application to enforce such driver settings. However, it also comes with embedded lite(?) version of SweetFX which can be enabled, and it does not interfere with SSAA setting. So I thought since SweetFX and ReShade are doing post-processing they should not interfere with the driver-forced anti-aliasing settings.

Am I missing something maybe?
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