Reshade 4.8.2 - Depth buffer issues

1 year 6 months ago #1 by tagarnav
Reshade 4.8.2 - Depth buffer issues was created by tagarnav
Hi guys, I'm having an issue, specifically with Dead Space 2 and 3, where the depth buffer seems to change while playing, it's very noticeable in Dead Space 2, when you first enter the apartment complex shortly after starting the game.
This messes up a bunch of effect like DoF and MXAO and so on. I tried the option to Preserve Depth Buffer but it didn't help at all. I read somewhere that there are some fixes, but the ones I tried are for old versions of Reshade so it's incompatible with a bunch of shaders.
Is this a known issue, and if so, what's the solution?


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