Reshade problems

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Reshade problems was created by HarberCandelario
Hi sim users.
I have a little problem. I recently downloaded a reshader more specifically FSEnhancer and to be honest. The instructions werent clear on the download and since there isnt any support anymore I tried it regardless. I had it downloaded ReShade setup as the instructions did and I tried and tested and moved things around until I got a drop in frames with noticable effects in game around me. I wasnt sure if I had downloaded it correctly because I had lost 15fps to it. So after I moved the reshade around for open GL the game crashed and refuses to start even after I put it on the settings I had before hand! I tried to download GB Whatsapp .
Now after attempting to run it. I ran into a 0xc0000142 which according to online sources is a corruption error. Log.txt is attached if need be and I hope someone can give me a recomendation on how to fix the issue or atleast let me run the sim without complety reinstalling
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