Duplicate filters on Cemu and MUGEN

1 year 6 months ago - 1 year 6 months ago #1 by Khodak
Duplicate filters on Cemu and MUGEN was created by Khodak
I'm having a problem on both of these programs where ReShade launchs with the filters applied twice, so I have to use the disable hotkey for single filters, changing or modifying the filters also have not effect unless I restart the application. I guess its worth to mention that the first time I launch ReShade it works just fine even tho the welcome message stays permantely on the screen. I hope my english is understandable and feel free to ask for more details.

Edit: I've found a way to fix the problem by using the line "NoReloadOnInit=1" on ReShade.ini to launch with the effects disabled and then manually loading afterwards. It seems that some applications load two instances of ReShade for some reason, hopefully the dev can take a better look at it.
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