Reshade in Hitman

1 year 10 months ago #1 by mileafly Reshade in Hitman was created by mileafly
I am trying to get Reshade to work in Hitman (from 2016). I have tried to install it and run in DX11 mode but still I can't get it to work. The game only crashes when launching with Reshade installed.

Do anyone know how to get it to work?

I did come across someone on Steam that had created a thread about needing to edit some ini files, but I can't find these ini files or the effectsearchpath he talks about and was quite confused about what he was talking about? I must be missing something?

"Anyone having problems with ReShade, you need to change the shader/texture path to something else in the dxgi.ini.

So the reshade installation directory is this (this will have the dxgi.dll and dxgi.ini):

You'll want to create another directory for the ini files and shaders because of the (tm) character is causing issues in reshade config files:

Then move 'reshade-shaders' directory inside it.

Then edit dxgi.ini inside the ''\Retail\" directory to point to correct paths:

I think it's probably possible to fix the (tm) character issue by replacing it with an ascii code or something but at least this way it will surely function. No need to rename dxgi.dll to d3d11.dll or anything else. I prefer to make my own profiles but this will of course work with anything else you just need to edit the config files and move the shaders to right place."

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