Reshade 4.9.1 & Steam & xPlane 11

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3 years 1 month ago #1 by mysimulator Reshade 4.9.1 & Steam & xPlane 11 was created by mysimulator
Dear All

Have searched FAQs and forums for this combination and not found a clear answer (probably not helped by being a PC novice)...

I have installed Reshade using the installer and standard settings, selected apply Reshade to all games and did select the correct API (Vulkan) during the setup. I've also now edited the xplane shortcut to allow reshade.On startup there is a prompt to confirm I wish to start with reshade, which suggests it is starting. 

Neverthless, although there seems to be some changes in the visuals, I cannot open the UI with the advised binding Shift + F2, so I am unsure whether it is running, but certainly cannot edit the settings. Solutions appreciated.

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