Custom build from latest source - D3D9 broken

10 months 4 weeks ago #21 by Niko of Death
Replied by Niko of Death on topic Custom build from latest source - D3D9 broken
The Witcher black screen issue is fixed with the latest commits, although the witcher also experiences the depth buffer (specifically copy before clear) regression from 4.9.1 that Max Payne does, albeit in a different way. The Witcher does what Max Payne used to do, giving a blank depth buffer instead of the proper depth buffer seen in 4.9.1, but now Max Payne has a broken depth buffer that changes perspective with the camera (difficult to describe properly, screenshot to show it better: Additionally, Bully, regardless of whether or not effects are enabled, has completely broken 3D rendering:
Max Payne log:
Bully log:
The Witcher log:

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