[SOLVED] Texture corruption in KOTOR 2

1 year 3 weeks ago #1 by Niko of Death
Texture corruption in KOTOR 2 was created by Niko of Death
This is a long standing issue I have noticed with KOTOR 2, caused by enabling/disabling certain effects. Using 4.9.1 official to test, this comparison shows how the game looks when using my entire preset on the left, and how the game looks when I disable UIMask (specifically UIMask_Bottom) on the right: imgsli.com/NTY1MTc. Log: ghostbin.com/paste/p33EE.
I hadn't considered this worth reporting earlier because I assumed it was just weirdness with old OpenGL versions/AMD Drivers, but since I've been reporting issues with recent changes I thought I might as well report this too.

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