ReShade and DXVK dxgi.dll on windows

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2 years 8 months ago #1 by undertaker666 ReShade and DXVK dxgi.dll on windows was created by undertaker666
Hello everyone, I've been using reshade for a while now and really love the control it gives me over visuals.
One problem I ran into with a few games is that if I want to use dxvk on older titles, to gain a bit more stability and performance, ReShade refuses to load.

my latest example is a game I'm currently playing called drakensang, ReShade works perfectly on the normal d3d9 that comes with the game, but once I put the d3d9 or dxgi into the game's folder it will not load.

now I've tried enabling the global settings for Vulkan, and I've tried keeping the ReShade exe open when running the game, neither worked.
before posting here I've search for this on google and tried a few solutions but none were successful.

so am I missing something or is this a bug or a known incompatibility?

thanks for your time!
have a great day!

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