Quake 2021 (Quake 1 ReRelease / Remaster) issue (Steam)

9 months 4 weeks ago #1 by Meltac
I got the new Quake 2021 (Quake 1 ReRelease / Remaster) from Steam. Installed latest ReShade using exe "Wizzard" (the dialog-based installation). Installation worked and after ReShade also worked like a charm with Quake - but only during the first run of the game after installation. After quitting and relaunching the game, ReShade has not been initialized anymore. So I ran the installation wizzard once again to update / fix the ReShade installation for Quake, but it doesn't help - ReShade just won't come up again in Quake. Haven't done anything other than playing, quitting, relaunching Quake since the first installation of ReShade. opengl32.log always is always still in its initial state after the ReShade re-installation, meaning ReShade actually didn't initialize again with Quake. Any ideas?

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