Massive Lagspikes, even when no preset is enabled

9 months 2 weeks ago - 9 months 2 weeks ago #1 by Boba Pearl
In FFXIV using the ffxivdx11.exe I get massive lag spikes with Reshade, even when no preset is enabled.

My system:

32gb of Ram DDR4
RTX 3060
AMD Ryzen 5 5600X

This does not happen when Reshade is uninstalled, it happens when there are no presets enabled, when the lag spike happens there are no spikes in Ram or GPU when monitored via the task manager and Afterburner.

I made my own colorblind filter using the LUT.fx preset, by basically pallette swapping the color key until I got something perfect for me. (Mostly using algorythms and Adobe's color blind simulator?) And it's working really well, but I have a problem with Reshade where I am getting lag spikes as I play. I want to know where to start to troubleshoot this.
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