OpenGL - Doom 3 - No Mouse Input at Config Menu

8 months 1 week ago - 8 months 1 week ago #1 by tsusurra
My mouse is immovable in my configuration menu for Reshade 4.9.1.

No, the pause menu doesn't work.

I've tried getting it to move in the Main Menu, Console, PDA and while in-game. The mouse just does not move at all. I have tried EVERY resolution, both Fullscreen and Windowed. No beans.

as soon as I tab out after opening the ReShade menu, I can move the mouse cursor. Unfortunately, as soon as I click something, it defaults back to the middle of the screen, immovable again.

Has anybody ever found a fix for this game or applications similar? I've looked through this forum and countless others and none of the solutions I tried have worked. Crosire said "technical reasons" can cause the mouse to not work, but I've seen youtubers and others post reshade use with doom3, so what the hell? how do you make it work?

edit: also keyboard input doesn't work. forgot to include that part
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