[SOLVED] Arma 3 with ReShade & MasterEffect

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5 years 1 month ago #1 by N4mEL3sS
Hey guys,

I'm new on this forum because I have a problem with ReShade and MasterEffect using it on Arma 3. I found this thread: sfx.thelazy.net/games/preset/2951/

I saw that he used the MasterEffect shader and downloaded it but after that there was given in the readme.txt that I also have to install reshade to use it. That's why I came to this site.

Here's my problem: If I install reshade, Arma 3 is not starting anymore. My question: Is that because Arma 3 had a new update some days ago? Or did I something wrong?
I already reinstalled Arma 3, just to make sure that it is clean.

N4meL3sS :huh:

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5 years 1 month ago - 4 years 8 months ago #2 by Constantine PC
Hey. Which ReShade version did you use?

Yes that preset is using master effect reborn shaders which require ReShade.

That particular one I made a few months ago and it was using a much earlier version of Reshade. Not quite sure which one.
But it was an older reShade .DLL
The one i currently use for Arma 3 is 0.18.4, not out of necessity, but because I haven't updated to 0.18.7?(i think thats it)

Here is a repository a lovely fellow made with all the previous reshade versions: www.dropbox.com/sh/jzn2jsb0zt55ci3/AAAjI.../ReShade%20Only?dl=0

Scroll down and you should see 0.18.4 Give that a try. Rename the reshade32.dll to dxgi.dll
(additionally you can use the most recent reshade version hosted here, click the download button above the forum)

Drop that .DLL in your Arma 3 directory. Which should be located in your steamgames unless you got the Bohemia version.
Make sure its in the directory with the arma3.exe

Then download master effect reborn: reshade.me/forum/shader-presentation/161...born-official-thread

Repeat the steps done for the .dll (install it to your arma 3 directory)

Then to finish it off copy the preset from the database and replace the stock values in the mastereffect.h file (copy and paste over)

Hopefully this helps you. I currently use Framework for pretty much every game including Arma 3 so I haven't played with MER in quite a bit.

Oh and a few other things, I just tested launching the game via the default bohemia launcher and reshade works fine.
And I just updated my framework preset... Little shameless advertising here. :P

EDIT: In case you have installed it right, make sure there are no other overlays up other than steam in-game.

I use Rivatuner and that's the only one i know for sure works.
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5 years 1 month ago - 5 years 1 month ago #3 by N4mEL3sS
Thankyou, I got it to work now after trying some versions. :D

Now I only try to make a hotkey for en and disabling it.

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5 years 1 month ago #4 by Constantine PC
Oh thats good.

I just forgot about this fix Crosire found out about in a previous arma 3 thread.
Can't believe this one slipped my mind:

Make sure you have the Windows 7 platform update installed.


I'm just going to leave that there in case anyone else has similar issues. This fixed someone elses problem with Arma 3 not launching with ReShade.
This can be considered "solved" Also it should probably be moved to troubleshooting :P

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