Input processing not working

7 months 5 days ago #1 by Hexame1er
Input processing not working was created by Hexame1er
Hi, so I've had ReShade for quite some time and I just installed the 4.9.1 version again after it not working for a while. And now I'm having the problem when "Input Processing" on settings not wanting to work. I set it to "Block input when cursor is overlay" and it works for only a few minutes, then it stops works. My mouse and keyboard react to both ReShade and the game (Star Stable Online) even though I have the right setting on for neither of them to work for the game when I have the cursor on ReShade.

I hadn't this problem when I was on the 4.7.0 version and didn't have it on the 4.9.1 version before I switched to the older one. Everything else in ReShade works as normal besides this one. It's like Reshade won't recognize that I've changed the setting.

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