ADOF Mostly only Activates When Another Window is Prioritized, FFXIV

6 months 4 weeks ago #1 by Drae
So I'm using ADOF (quint_DOF) and it's having an annoying effect--it only consistently works when the game isn't the currently prioritized window (see screenshots for comparison).

Sometimes, and only sometimes, does the ADOF seem to magically turn on while playing and then stay for the rest of the time I play the game, while I go into other phases, do dungeons even -- it'll work as long as I'm on. But there's literally no knowing what procs its activation. I used to think that it worked when barding at times, but it had no problem working when I didn't bard in my own apartment earlier today.

I've been having this problem for weeks (since getting reshade for FFXIV) and I've finally decided to note it.

Non Prioritized (as I'm writing this)

Prioritized Window

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