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6 months 4 weeks ago #1 by JbLaD
RedM | Reshade | ERR_GFX_STATE was created by JbLaD

I made a mistake with my RedM by lack of attention.
Indeed, I wanted to install Reshade on RedM, however, I had totally forgotten that RDR2 could run on different API. So, on my base game I was with Vulkan but I installed Reshade as if I was with DX12. As a result, my RedM was crashing with the ERR_GFX_STATE error and so was my RDR2.

As I installed Reshade for DX12 and not Vulkan I thought I would just change the API from the RDR2 game files and that's what I did. After changing it in the game files my RDR2 game runs without problem, under DX12, and with Reshade installed.

However, RedM still crashing - I think for the same circumstances as my RDR2 game before - I decided to reinstall it. However, nothing happens, after reinstalling it still crashes.
I think it crashes because it is on Vulkan but it seems strange to me because my game is well under DX12 and works fine.
Also, I don't know if there are settings files on RedM, I've searched a bit without much success.

Thanks for your help.


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