Pavlov VR ??

3 months 4 weeks ago #1 by SushiSlayer
Pavlov VR ?? was created by SushiSlayer
So i downloaded the presets for Half Lyfe and theyre amazing, i really want the same results on Pavlov, i couldnt ind the presets there in the game list. I downloaded the toolkit and placed it in the folders and renamed the 64 bit to "dgxi.dll" (i also tried Kernel32.dll) I figured the toolkit could be applied at least if not with presets to Pavlov then just the base settings. I tried adding this to the common Pavlov file and then tried again with the Binaries/Win64 file, any ideas or suggestions or does it just not work?? Idk if this is helpful info but i run a 3060 TI and using the Valve Index, also i have like 0 experience with anything like this im not techy by any means so please be patient w me (thank god for toturials)
Thank you!

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