Reshade for Cultures games (Cultures 2 : Gates of Asgard)

3 months 3 weeks ago #1 by Danifvev
Hello everyone,

I may not have tested everything, but I used all my knowledge on this problem.
I try desperately to use Reshade on one of my favorite (yet underrated and clearly unknown by many) game : Cultures 2 : Gates of Asgard.
The game runs on Directx 8.0 and this version of directx is required to install the game.
Though, no d3d8.dll file is found in the game executable folder...

I tried to put the d3d8.dll of Corsire and the one by ENB, unfortunately both don't seem to work with Reshade.
Basically, when I launch the game after installing Reshade, nothing happens...

I tried Dgvoodoo2, the game shows something but no effects are applied... And DXGL make the game crash...

Any insight on what I could do ?

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